April 25, 2016

Our Moisturizers

Our Shea Moisturizer is unique hydrating and moisturizing therapy for oily skin, acne, eczema, blemishes, rashes, dryness, and other forms of skin conditions. It nourishes, soothes, […]
April 19, 2016

Our Oils

Experience the unique Eli’s oil blends from the secret achieves of the Ancient Empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. Unique oil blends for the scalp, hair, […]
April 15, 2016

Our Butter Products

Shea Butter is a unique antioxidant and moisturizing therapy for dryness, cracks, scars, stretch marks, marks, blemishes, acne, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frostbite, cuts, swelling, […]
April 15, 2016

Our Cleansers

Our unique Black Soap (Body Wash) is antibacterial and antimicrobial deep cleanser. Cleansing therapy for itchiness, acne, eczema, blemishes, marks, spots, insect bites, rashes, dead skin […]